Featured Widetrackers

Featured Widetrackers and their cars are:

● Eric White in Memoriam
● Chuck & Clarice Humphrey’s 1964 Pontiac Catalina
● Wade Cleffman’s 1917 Oakland Touring Car
● Charlie and Mary Long’s 1938 Pontiac
In Memoriam – Eric White (1955-2016)
"Eric White A Quiet Pontiac Legend Passes" A "Tracker" Article by Dennis Carol

Chuck and Clarice’s 1964 Pontiac Catalina 2+2, 389 Tri-power 4-speed
“Our Dream Pontiac” – Several of our friends have owned classic cars for many years and have always invited us to their Cruise Parties. However, since we didn’t have a car, we volunteered to be the Kitchen Crew helping set-up the after-cruise party. Everyone was trying to find us a car and we were seriously looking for “our Pontiac” at Car Shows, online, etc. Then, four years ago, we saw one for sale in Texas on the Hemming’s Motor News website. After about a week we decided to bid on it but by then it had disappeared from the website.
We continued our search for a 60 to 64 Pontiac, then two years ago while searching Ebay, there it was for sale in Maryland. We submitted a bid but the reserve was never met and it was taken off Ebay. A few months later, we contacted the seller to see if he still had the car and he suggested we come down and look at it. Our trip in the fall of 2006 was a beautiful time to visit Maryland and Chuck’s hometown which was near our destination. When we saw the car, it was love at first sight! We bought it and trailered it home that weekend. Amazingly, as it turned out, it was the same car we had seen on the Hemming’s Motor News website.
After cleaning, shining and adding a few of our own touches, we attended many Car Cruises, joined “The Widetrackers” club and have had a wonderful time with the car and club. Our most recent purchase was from www.josten.com, it’s a new high-school graduation tassel to hang from our rear-view mirror, it looks great! We love Our Dream Pontiac and look forward to 2008 Cruising.
Chuck and Clarice Humphrey
Wade Cleffman’s 1917 Oakland Touring Car

On Monday November 12, 2007, I received a call from John Armstrong about a 1917 Oakland touring car in good, un-restored condition that was located in Tiffin, Ohio. Thank you John!
Clair and Martha Forrest had bought the car in 1954. Sadly Mr. Forrest passed away four years earlier and now Mrs. Forrest was selling the Oakland. I contacted my good friend, Mike Woody, to see if he would like to ride shotgun to have a look at it. His reply was, “when can we leave?”
Mike and I made the 400 mile round trip the following Thursday. When we saw the car, we were both surprised at how nice the car was. I made two offers to Mrs. Forrest… but she declined. I told her I would have to think about it and think is what I did…all night long! I couldn’t wait to call her the next morning to tell her I would take the Oakland for the asking price. She said she would hold the car for me.
That Sunday, Mike and I were once again on our way to Tiffin…this time with my trailer! Two sons, a grandson and a family friend of Mrs. Forrest were there to help us load the Oakland and pose for lots of pictures. The sons said they had grown up with the Oakland and all said they would miss it but were happy it was going to a good home.
Mike and I had an enjoyable trip bringing the Oakland to its new home in Lapeer, Michigan which is about 30 miles north of were it had originally been built. I want to give special thanks to Mike Woody and John Armstrong for helping me realize a dream.
Wade Cleffman

Our New Classic 1938 Pontiac – Charlie and Mary Long
As we were driving down the road last Friday on the way to the cabin, one never knows what they may see. You can be going along, and all of a sudden you see something that you were looking for. I had no idea whatsoever that it would “pop” up right before our eyes. As Mary and I were driving down the road, we were not expecting that someone would be eating in a restaurant, leaving their car in the parking lot with a “For Sale” sign in the window for us to spot. For some reason we were both looking at the parking lot at the same time (maybe because were are “Widetrackers” and we all know that we love to drive and eat.) Well, Mary said, “Look at that old car”, and I said, “Is that a Pontiac?” Well, a quick u-turn, and we were pulling up to it, Mary said, “It is a Pontiac!” As we were drooling at it, a guy came out of the restaurant and said, “Go ahead and open the doors.” We did and it looked as good inside to us, as the outside. It had a radio, heater, a fan to cool the driver, and windshield washers. These had to have been added by someone as I don’t think they were available in 1938. Who ever did it though, did a good job. The added options looked as if they belonged on the car.
Not wanting to appear too anxious, we looked it all over and told the guy we were going “north” to the cabin for a few days and took his name and phone number and that we would think it over. I’m not sure what Mary was thinking about, but I was thinking, “This is the one we have been looking for.” We measured it for length, and at 16 feet, I knew it would fit in the garage. We cut our trip to the cabin short, and I called him Monday morning, to see if he still had the car. We made an appointment with him for that afternoon, and got ready to come back. After a quick two hour inspection and test drive, we struck a deal.
After the deal was made, my next thought was how to get it home. I thought, who else but the guy who got me into this predicament; my friend John Calianno. After all, he is the one who got us to go to our first meeting with the Widetrackers, and we ended up joining. Well, one call to John, and I think he was more excited to go after it than I was. He had to reschedule some appointment he had, but we went and got it the next Wednesday. The 1938 Pontiac 2 door Touring Sedan is now parked in the garage here. Mary’s 2004 Grand Prix had to move outside for now.
Charlie and Mary Ann Long

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