1. What is the Dust-Off?
The Dust-Off is an annual car show hosted by the Michigan Widetrackers Pontiac-Oakland-GMC car club of southeast Michigan.

2. When and where does the Dust-Off take place?
This year the 30th Annual Dust-Off will be held on Saturday June 9, 2018 at Springfield Oaks County Park, 12451 Andersonville Rd., Davisburg, MI. 48350.Springfield Oaks County Park Gates open and late registration begins at 8:00 am and awards are presented at 2:30 pm. The event ends at 3:00 pm.

3. What cars are eligible to enter the Dust-Off?
All Pontiac, Oakland, and GMC automobiles and trucks of all models and years are eligible to register and enter.

4. How do I register my car/truck?
There are two ways to register your car/truck, but both require that you fill out a Registration Form. (1) You may pre-register before June 4. Fill out the Registration Form and mail the form and your payment to the address on the form. (2) You may register the day of the event. The Registration Form is on the Dust-Off Widetracker flier. Fliers may be downloaded/printed by clicking —Dust-Off Flier–. Or, fliers (on blue paper) have been printed and distributed to many local car shows and events and of course will be available at the car show Registration Office on the day of the event.

5. What is the cost to enter?
There are four ways to enter:
Car/Truck participants: $15 pre-registration, $20 day of event registration.
Vendor Swap (10’x20’ area inside or outside): $20 pre-registration, $30 day of event registration.
Car Corral(Cars for Sale): $10
Spectator: $4/person. Those 15 years and younger enter free.
Note: Pre-registration ends June 4. All registrations include admittance to the showfield for the participant driver and one spectator.

6. Where do I pay if I did not pre-register as a participant?
All participants that did not pre-register, will be instructed at the Gate to proceed to the Registration Office where they will fill out the Registration Form and pay the entrance fee there. They will then receive their car identification placard.

7. Where do I pay if I am a spectator?
All spectators will pay at the entry Gate. Of course, each car/truck participant may bring one spectator in for free.

8. What type of payment is accepted?
Cash or personal checks only are accepted as payment.

9. Where do I enter the Dust-Off?
Everyone entering the Dust-Off must enter Springfield Oaks Park from the Andersonville Road entrance (see map link above in #2). Upon entering there will be signs to guide you to the Gate. At the Gate you will be greeted by Widetracker members. You and your registered car will be checked against the Pre-Registration List and will then be directed as to how and where to proceed as follows:

If you are a Car/Truck participant: You will be directed to the LEFT to proceed to the Registration Office. After parking your car in the general parking lot and walking to the Registration Office you will receive your Car Identification Placard and a goody bag at the Office. Goody bags are available to the first 125 participant entrants. You then proceed with your show car to the grassy showfield. There will be signs and Widetracker members to assist you where to park on the showfield. Cars are parked by year/category.

If you are a Vendor/Swap participant or Car Corral participant: You will be directed to the RIGHT to proceed to the Registration Office. After parking your car in the general parking lot please walk to the Registration Office to check in. After checking in there will be two Widetracker members, Jim Larson and Rich Dabrowski, who will assist Vendor/Swap participants to a space inside the big building adjacent to the Registration Office. Spaces are available on a “first come/first served” basis. Car Corral participants will be assisted to their area in the grassy car showfield.

If you are a Spectator: You will be directed to the RIGHT to proceed to the general parking area. From there you can walk the short distance to the car showfield.

10. What is the procedure if I trailer my show car?
After passing through the Gate and obtaining your Car Placard at the Registration Office, you proceed to the grassy car showfield where you unload your vehicle. Widetracker members will advise you where to park your trailer. Trailer parking is on the grassy showfield in an area separate but near from the show cars.

11. Who determines what class my car is assigned to?
You do. However, Widetracker members who are admitting participants into the showfield will check that the vehicle is registered in the appropriate class. The 24 unique car classes are listed on the Registration Form.

12. Will trophies be awarded?
Yes, potentially there may be 73 trophies awarded depending on the number of vehicles entered in each class. Three trophies may be awarded in each class – one “Best of Class” and two “Outstanding” trophies. Therefore the maximum number of trophies that may be awarded, if at least three vehicles are entered in each of the 24 classes, is calculated as follows: 24 x 3 +1 (Best of Show) = 73 trophies. Of course, if a class has only two vehicles entered then only two trophies will be awarded for that particular class and the total trophies awarded will be less than 73.

13. Who decides the awarding of trophies?
Only registered participants, excluding Widtrackers, vote on which cars/trucks they like best. Every eligible participant will receive a ballot as part of the registration process. By writing the car/truck number (each registered car/truck will have a placard with a number) of their choice for best vehicle in each class and the Best of Show on the ballot and then submitting the ballot they will vote. Ballots must be submitted by 1:00 pm. Ballots will then be counted and one Best of Class trophy and two Outstanding trophies will be awarded for each class (assuming three vehicles have been enter in the particular class) and one Best of Show award will be announced at 2:30 pm. Although Widetracker car club members are eligible to win awards for their cars in the show, they are not eligible to vote and they do not receive ballots.

14. Are food and drinks available for purchase?
Yes, the Park Service has food including hamburgers, hot dogs, snacks, and a variety of drinks available for purchase.

15. Are alcoholic beverages available?
No, alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the park.

16. Are there other things to do in the park besides the car show?
No, unless you want to golf. The park has the historic Ellis Barn, but it is rented to another party for the day. The small community garden mentioned on the park website is alongside the entryway to the showfield. The park has an 18 hole golf course, but a fee is required to use it.

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