Car Radio Repair: Kim Kusluski, Grand Blanc area, 810-208-1885. – call for directions. I found a local car radio repair man!!! I gave him two vintage factory ’63/’64 Pontiac AM/FM radios. One worked but needed a mounting bolt … the second one didn’t work.
Just hoping to get one complete working radio was my plan. Well, he was able to get both radios operating correctly and at a very reasonable price. He used to work for GM (retired) at a Livonia plant, repairing GM car radios. Does 60’s,70’s,80’s AM, FM, Stereo GM car radios (Larson)

Classic car ‘clock’ repair: The Clock Works, 1745 Meta Lake WI, 54521-8531, Jerry, 715-479-5759, They can either repair your old clock or add the Quartz Conversion. I went on their web [first], ask for quote, they sent one back, for $139.95,plus $13 shipping and handling! Which was much cheaper than other places doing the same type Quartz Conversion. A different place was $225 done, or $105-$130 for a ‘do-it-yourself ‘ kit!
Included is a ‘two year’ warranty. The whole process was completed in only one weeks time (Larson)

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