Ames Performance – or 1-800-421-2637. They have 100’s of new Pontiac parts and catalogs ,either for GTO and 1955 Full-size-1962-77 Grand Prix.(Larson)

Buds Auto – Greenville MI, (west of Lansing) 1-616-754-0111. This is THE salvage yard, with separated ROWS of the different makes of cars! I was able to get an A/C blower switch for my 1969 Chevelle! For my Pontiac several items 7-blade cooling fan, back-up lenses, rubber parts, inside tilt mirror. (Larson)

Frank’s Pontiac Parts in California, Many times for hard to find parts, received fast response times as well as good prices. His delivery and packaging has been very good and very honest as to the condition of his parts. (Saulnier)

Heartbeat City, 15081 Commercial Drive, Shelby Twp., MI, 48315, 586-226-8811 (Snead)

HOTRODS N HARLEYS ,4763 Dixie Highway, Waterford MI. 248-742-1223, 248-939-6123. Local OLD car salvage yard, in Waterford!! You talk to ‘Larry’ [owner]first, about what you want, then he will tell you which lot the OLD cars are at.
I saw over fifty old cars, from the 50’s/60’s of all makes and their just rusting away being outside. I saw ‘two’ 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix’s!! He will sell parts and whole cars too. (Larson)

Sonic Motors, 9110 Hickory Ridge Rd. Holly MI, 810-750-1421. Located locally, means you get to have ‘hands on’ your Pontiac part before laying down the money. I feel doing ‘used’ parts business on site, is far better then getting stuff on-line. The owner Barry, has helped me out several times re: getting correct engine pulleys, ’63 8-lug center caps, ’63 AC/heater control unit. This place has a LOT of Pontiac parts. Also, I like doing business with the ‘local guy’. (Larson)

Tar Topper, Dames & Assc, 13002 N. 2nd St., Phoenix, AZ, 85022, This is a black plastic battery cover for the top post batteries, that looks like an old GM ‘tar top’ battery, with yellow caps! So, you can have a ‘new’ flat top post battery and make it ‘look’ old. I have one, and it looks great. I think it’s a lot better than seeing a newer style battery in a nice older cars engine compartment. They also make ‘covers’ w/blue, green and red caps, for the different car makers. Cost is $20.50 +$7 s/h (Larson)

Warehouse Tire New and Used Tires, Wheels and more 110 Cesar E. Chavez Ave. Pontiac, MI 48340 248-332-4120 Ask for Chris. (Larson, Dabrowski)

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